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Sunshine Parking, LLC, Parking Attendant Service, Atlanta, GA


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Sunshine Parking has been blessed with great employees and as a result, we are currently fully staffed and are only accepting applications for valet attendants with over one year (1 year) of experience. Qualifying valet attendants can email their resume to

Please be sure the resume includes your name, call back phone number, email address, applicable experience and education.

In order to apply for a position with Sunshine Parking, it is necessary to have a valid e-mail address. If your currently do not have an e-mail address, there are several companies that offer e-mail service free of charge.


Listed below are several of these complimentary e-mail services and please click on one of the links to set up your e-mail account prior to starting the application process:

Once you have set-up your e-mail account, please make sure to monitor incoming e-mails at least one time per day as this will be the method we use to communicate with you throughout the application process

Thank you for your interest in Sunshine Parking!

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