Sunshine Parking

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Sunshine Parking, LLC, Parking Attendant Service, Atlanta, GA

About Us

The “Sunshine Parking” name originated in Florida in 1950. This parking company grew with great success until eventually, the name was dropped when the company merged into a competitor in 1972.

Our company now holds the Federal Trademark on the Sunshine Parking name. We are pleased to honor the tradition of excellence in the parking management field by continuing this great namesake that our predecessor had developed.

Sunshine Parking, LLC is now an Atlanta based company that specializes in parking management for surface lots, parking garages and is one of the largest valet service providers in the city.

At Sunshine Parking, we recognize that a parking facility is the first experience our client’s patrons will see. This fact is paramount in our belief that to have a successful operation, our client’s need excellence from their parking operator. We believe that we provide this excellence and welcome the opportunity to prove it to you. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

  • Every member of our senior management team has worked their way up from an entry level position
  • The average tenure of our team managers is over 8 years in the parking industry
  • Our senior management team has over 75 years of parking management experience

We know parking!